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Since 1924, L’Étoile du Nord

Welcome home


Unique decor

Dining room with panoramic view

Have a break, eat a lobster



Sea breeze

8 motel units

Single room

Double room

Whale watching experience at L’Étoile du Nord

Seals on our shores

Noisy flocks of seabirds

Lobster vessel at work in the aria

As the sun goes down

Gaspé cured

Montagne Sèche lake

The Montagne Sèche wind park

Vieille Forge theater at Petite-Vallée

The Fame Point lighthouse

Whale-watching cruise in Forillon National Park

The famous Percé rock

The art gallery, adjacent to the restaurant of L'Étoile du Nord, offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative universe of Casaubon. The artist who refuses to restrict herself to a particular style, works spontaneously acrylic, ink, pastel and graphite.

L'orignal ll, 16 x 12, acrylic, 2013

Jour de Clémence, 10 x 8, acrylic, 2017

Urbain des bois, 24 x 18, acrylic, ink, graphite, 2016

Oiseau, 10 x 8, acrylic, 2017

Coudonc, c'est qui la reine, 8 x 10, acrylic, bingo marker, oil marqueur, 2017

Toujours là (Willie), 7 x 14, acrylic, 2017

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